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6th January 2006

10:22pm: Bad Fic 2006
Title: Bad Boyfriend

Summary: Lex and Clark have been lovers for 3 apparently blissful years. Lex knows better. Clark spends more time as Superman than as Clark. Lex has had enough. Is Clark willing to sacrifice Superman for hapiness with Lex or will a compromise be reached?

Summary written by: morrphyc

Rating/warnings: E For everyone

Clark knows he's thick. Insensitive and oblivious to all but them most obvious
of hints, the most transparent of situations, but that's why he and Lex had
worked so well for the past three years. Lex understood him, knew how wrapped up
he got in things, his work, the Justice League, his parents, Lana and Pete,
Chloe and Lois. Lex understood, was the point and he always made sure that
everything worked out. Lex was Lex, like the sun was the sun, like all permanent
things were . . . well permanent.

So Clark was mostly embarrassed when he realized Lex had been gone for almost a
week. He wasn't scared, because there could be no life without Lex and he was
confident Lex knew that, so he was frightened at all. Really.

When Gabe couldn't tell him where Lex was gone. When Faith and Charity just
looked up from their desks and shrugged. When Hope and Mercy wouldn't even speak
to him, Clark forgot his embarrassment and was concerned, but he wasn't worried.
You didn't worry about the sun just because you couldn't see it.

No it wasn't until he got the the Watchtower that he started to worry, because
on the console, where he was going to set the powerful computer to look for Lex,
he found a beautiful arrangement of white flowers, in a purple Liqueur vase. His
heart lifted, because the beautiful arrangement could only have come from Lex,
though God knows how he got them delivered. He reached for the card, glad the
bridge was abandoned, so no one could see his smile. Or the small involuntary
Ooof that escaped his lungs when he read the name on the vellum card.

The Flash.

And truly, he could kill the Flash pretty easily, the boyfriend stealing
weasel, but he wasn't going to. He was going to find him and spend very many
hours not killing him. Slowly, carefully, with sticks . . . and kittens.

Clark opened a mic on the bridge and kept his voice friendly and open and happy.

"Flash, Superman here, report to the bridge please." You two faced Lex seducing

A moment of complete silence followed and Clark used it to consider where he
would get the kittens he needed - then . . .

"Batman here. The Flash left two days ago, said he had a hot date."

Clark carefully pulls his fist out of the wall and admits now he's worried,
because he's always known that Lex could do better then him, but come on - The
Flash? He's tiny and red and not really even all that super. Lex could have
anyone, Wonder Woman, Batman, Hawkgirl, even the Martian. Clark has seen them
look at Lex, like he was some sweet cool moonlit ice cream treat. Well Lex was his to lick, just his. And he could lick Lex longer, harder and yes, even faster than the Flash.

Clark flew home, put away the suit and went looking for the evil red suited minion of Satan that stole his man.

It took four days of looking non-stop until he found them side by side on old leather tables in Istanbul, with big Turkish men mauling their muscles like toffee.

Over those four long days Clark's emotions has swung wildly, from anger to big round tears that fell from his eyes to evaporate in the atmosphere. He had planned everything, from killing them both to throwing himself at Lex's feet, but confronted with his naked boyfriend next to a naked Flash, (except for his mask) just made him shy and tongue tied.

Before he could do more than stammer Lex opened one eye and said in a cool blank voice.

"Well Clark Kent, as I live an breathe."

And then when the Flash seemed like he might bolt.

"Don't move."

The silence was only marred by the strange swoosh, slick, swack of the Turks.

Until Lex sighed, swung his feet over the side of the table and put them all out of their misery.

"Wally, thank you for accompanying me on my vacation. You may go."

And wordlessly the little red ferret did his fade and Clark was left there, feeling stupid and confused and useless. The high moral ground had somehow fallen right out from under him and instead of a wronged lover righteous in his rage, he felt 16 and guilty.

"And now you." said Lex said his voice making Clark long for blank. "Come with me."

And so Clark ended up fully clothed in a Turkish bath in Istanbul, frantically trying to apologize but totally unsure as to why.

"Let's see, Clark. It took you almost a week to notice I was missing am I correct?"

Clark could only nod.

"So then, in no universe can you claim to being paying me sufficient attention."

Clark opened his mouth to speak and then closed it again.

"And you've been looking for me for what, four days?"

Clark could only nod again and envision his own doom.

"So then, when it needs to, the world can survive without you quite well."

Clark didn't even bother to nod, just looked down at his feet, wishing he was not such a bad boyfriend and trying not to forever brand himself a dork by crying.

Lex sighed and gripped Clark thigh.

"I love you Clark, but sometimes you will not be told."

He stood.

"So grab my ken do stick and that sack of kittens and take us home.


badfic 2006

24th August 2003

1:27pm: A Very Luthor Christmas - Part Three - finished

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Current Mood: thirsty
1:26pm: A Very Luthor Christmas - Part Two - finished

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1:25pm: A Very Luthor Christmas - Part One - finished

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1:23pm: If At First You Don't Succeed... - finished
by Mdl

Cold late night so long ago
When I was not so strong you know
A pretty man came to me
Never seen eyes so blue
Heart (1976)

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1:22pm: consequences galore - finished
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1:11pm: title
"Do you remember what Brecht said — `Unlucky the country that needs heroes'?"

23rd August 2003

11:47am: Manichæism

anichæism is a religion founded by the Persian Mani in the latter half of the third century. It purported to be the true synthesis of all the religious systems then known, and actually consisted of Zoroastrian Dualism, Babylonian folklore, Buddhist ethics, and some small and superficial, additions of Christian elements. As the theory of two eternal principles, good and evil, is predominant in this fusion of ideas and gives color to the whole, Manichæism is classified as a form of religious Dualism. It spread with extraordinary rapidity in both East and West and maintained a sporadic and intermittent existence in the West (Africa, Spain, France, North Italy, the Balkans) for a thousand years, but it flourished mainly in the land of its birth, (Mesopotamia, Babylonia, Turkestan) and even further East in Northern India, Western China, and Tibet, where, c. A.D. 1000, the bulk of the population professed its tenets and where it died out at an uncertain date.

18th August 2003

6:13pm: death resolves everything -by clark
You have to listen Lex.

I do things to become him. Rituals. You've been gone so long. You have no way of knowing how it is . . .

Promise me you won't run Lex. You did all this so we could be together. Burned all your bridges. Just don't run Lex if you run . . .

15th August 2003

8:08pm: pip
Intriguingly enough, a large difference between Pip and Clark is that Pip admits that he “loved her against reason, against promise, against peace, against hope, against happiness, against all discouragement that it could be.” Clark has made no such admission and has even stated that he sees her as perfect in his eyes. It is Estella’s womanliness and beauty that is remarked upon over and over again as the main attraction in Great Expectations and those same qualities seem to be the only trump cards that Lana has in the eyes of many viewers of SV. Pip also acknowledges that many of the things she has done hurts him terribly to the point of tears and is unjust. However, Clark seems to think (with the exception of Dichotic) that it’s all been his fault. This may be why people actually like the Pip/Estella pairing because there’s honesty about why he likes her. Pip sees Estella as a symbol of the gentlemanly life that he aspires to while Clark sees Lana as a symbol of normality. Pip even states that it was “impossible to dissociate her presence from all those wretched hankerings after money and gentility that had disturbed my boyhood.” This feeling is echoed by Clark’s admission that he’s wanted her since he was age 5.

Miss Havisham states that love is “blind devotion, unquestioning self-humiliation, utter submission, trust and belief against yourself and against the word.” Yet, the result of this belief is clear: ruin. She herself is a dark and frightening example of blindness to the reality of the person one loves or thinks one loves.

10th August 2003

12:07am: There But for the Grace of God Go I
Clark really hated the suit. It was skin tight spandex and somehow managed to be those things without even the whiff of cool. Like somehow the stupid Justice League designer with her stupid cat-eye rhinestone glasses, looked at him and saw some kind of dorky gay porn super-clown.

And now the first job they gave him was dealing with the idiot that had fogged up those glasses, and sooooooooo gotten the cool suit with the awesome teflon inserts. And did he get the job because he was the best person, No he got it because Lex was the best person.

And did they have any suggestions for dealing with Lex? Of course not. That was Clark's job.

Hey Lex. Batman's had a nervous breakdown because the weird level got to high for the boy wonder and he got his own rubber suit. The Justice League says we have to fix him.

How was your day?

That was going to go over so well.

Stupid justic League
Stupid Bat

Very dead Clark.

That’s the good thing about the Dark Side
Eventually, your eyes adjust.

I started thinking about how my wife might leave me for a Brazilian troubadour with exciting hair

Uhm. I'm supposed to fix him.

Fix him

Lex's right eyebrow distracted Clark. It rose high making Lex's face smoother and younger


Okay Lex. Not me in the literal sense of the word. More like us.

Lex's left eyebrow arched too providing further distraction. the gesture opened Lex's face and made him look tweleve. It made the knife it hid hurt less, the pain of his dorkiness leaving him breathless unstead of stabbed.

Does the justic leaque know your people hid a space ship in a storm cellar.

Clark squirmed.

Under a tarp?

Yes Lex, they know. I am assuming that the clever plan is for you to fix him.

And why would these people imagine that I would undertake this.

Oh God. Air was becoming an issue for Clark now, even though he technically he didn't need to breathe. Panic was apparently unrelated to breathing under water and as soon as Clark had moment he was going to write all this weird crap down and review it once a day. Like calculus.


Lex's sharpness forced air into Clark's lungs and the truth just popped out, like a marble. And rolled around on the desk between them.

Hawk Girl says you'll do it to make him go away.

1st August 2003

3:54pm: Here there will be order
The dark haired man had a blue shirt and set the really pale bald man down of the roof a the school.

It was hot and listless people didn't

26th July 2003

4:46pm: A Moment in Time - Finished
Lex Luthor couldn't say no to Clark Kent. Everyone knew that. So Clark was surprised when Lex glanced at him over the top of his LexCorp report, wrinkled his forehead in that cute way he had, frowned and said -- no.

Clark was too shocked to even pout. As far as he could remember Lex had never told him no. His lover had tried to discourage Clark. On occasion Lex had tried to reason Clark away, overwhelming him with words, letting loose the thing that made him the most like Lionel. But in the end, Lex was about getting Clark what he wanted, however dangerous or ill-advised Clark's desire was. Until lunch today Lex had been all about the yes and that one little word, over tuna melts and salad, shook Clark in ways he didn't really understand.

Hours later Clark was still brooding. He couldn't concentrate on his history thesis at all and there was no one he could call. He would sound like such a girl.

"Chloe, Chloe, Lex told me no."
"It's not a small thing! It's a huge thing. I am NOT behaving like I'm twelve Chloe. I am not. Am not. I AM NOT!!!!" That would be productive.

Pete was completely impossible too. Even if he wasn't at law school at Gotham City University, Pete would be no help at all. It was only last summer that Pete had been willing to sit in a room with Lex. Clark spent a lot of time encouraging Pete to pretend that Clark and Lex didn't have tons of hot monkey sex all over the penthouse. Clark didn't even know how to frame the explanation.

"Um . . . Pete . . . I asked Lex to um .. ah .. and well he said no."
"That is not too much information Pete. You're my friend, you're supposed to be helpful, give me advice."
"Leave Lex and marry Lana is not advice Pete, it's a delusion." Again, not very productive.

His mum, would understand and have advice, good advice. This was still not productive because it was advice Clark had already given himself. And wherever it came from he couldn't take it.

"Talk to Lex, Clark. Ask him." Like Clark was going to do that. Like he could just ask Lex, why no, why now, why over this.

Because living with Lex was both more and less than Clark had expected it would be. When Clark was twenty-one, leaving the dorm and moving into the penthouse had seemed to solve a lot of problems. He hadn't been Superman yet, not really, but he had started patrolling, following his ears to trouble and sorting it out as inconspicuously as he could. Chet, his roommate for the first two years was a pothead slut, who was either too stoned to care what Clark did or not home. But after a drunken one night stand with the dorm's RA led Chet to write some unflattering comments about her personal hygiene on the shower walls, she retaliated by calling the police and Chet's ass was grass. The police officer that cuffed Chet and took him away looked like he might want to take Clark in as well. After all he too called the Den of Marijuana home. But something funny happened when he'd radioed Clark's name back to the dispatcher, the officer had just looked at him, up and down, smiled and thanked him for his help.

Clark had known it was Lex's doing and marveled at the power. He'd wondered what would have happen if he'd been guilty of something and how horrible a something it would have had to be to generate more than the look and the smile.

And that, decided Clark, was the joy and the horror of living with Lex. The power exercised effortlessly on his behalf. They had never talked about that night, never discussed it in depth. Never debated the pros and cons of formalizing their relationship, never parsed the difficulties of coming out or weighed wisdom of it. The next day he'd packed, Lex had picked him up and since then he'd lived at the penthouse.

Which didn't bother Clark at all. He was nobody, one of the faceless thousands of Met U students struggling to survive. No one cared where he lived or noticed whom he slept with. Boys with boyfriends were not odd enough to generate comments, whatever the law and the loons proclaimed. This was especially true for masculine guys like Clark, who lacked the physically vulnerability that could lead to bashing.

It was different for Lex of course. He had social responsibilities which for the most part didn't involve Clark. Lex made appearances at charity 'dos and company functions alone. Being dateless for four years and having a tall good-looking male student living-in had made his PR people crazy. Luthor power kept those battles away from Clark, just like it kept Clark's name and photograph out of the press.

For the most part the two of them were happy with the life they had built together. They shared their days and nights with same ease and affection Clark saw in his parents. What Clark told Pete notwithstanding there was a great deal of hot monkey sex. More now than in the beginning, when the servants had lived in; before Lex used his power to clear three apartments on the floor below them for Enrique, the cook and the mechanic/driver. All so Clark wouldn't be embarrassed.

Yet, now after 4 wonderful years of companionship, affection, protection and hot monkey sex, Lex had told him no. For the first time Clark's Lex to human translator had broken down and he couldn't figure out what the no meant. Only that it wasn't good, not good at all.

Clark jumped and knocked the coffee table holding his books across the room when Lex broke into his reverie by placing a cool hand on the back of Clark's neck.

"Jeez Lex." Clark stuttered "Warn a guy will ya."

Lex looked up at him from his seat on the leather couch. How long had Lex been there, watching Clark daydreaming and worrying over his books.

Obviously Lex's Clark to human translator worked fine. He raised one perfect ginger eyebrow at Clark. "I've been here a while. I spoke to you several times. Would you like to tell me what's wrong?"

Nothing was what Clark wanted to tell him. Nothing is wrong at all Lex, everything is fine Lex. I love you Lex. But he couldn't say that, couldn't bring himself to lie, because he'd lied to Lex for years at the beginning and Lex had forgiven him. Now the truth was really Clark's only option, because Lex might not forgive him again.

So part of the truth it was.

"I missed you, I was thinking about you, about us." Now for the distraction. Clark straddled Lex spread thighs, blushed and leaned in to lick the sensitive place behind Lex's ear. "I've been waiting for you to come home."

Lex wasn't slow at all. He grabbed Clark's hair smoothly pushing Clark flat against the couch, all his weight on Clark's legs and groin.

"Well, I'm home now." Lex paused for a moment to sample the soft skin of Clark's shoulder. "What conclusion did you reach, about us I mean?"

Clark tried not to panic, he really did. All he had to do was distract Lex. Smile and lick him some more or make him naked and superspeed him to the bed. But Lex's refusal had been rattling around in Clark's head for the whole day and while he had no idea why, he knew was a big and scary moment for them. It meant that Lex didn't love him enough, or didn't trust him at all. Clark needed Lex like he needed air and sustenance. Today, for the first time Clark began to imagine what his life would be without Lex, to talk to and to touch. How arid his life would be without the man looming over him. It paralyzed him. He couldn't speak or meet Lex's eyes.

"Clark, just talk to me." Lex said softly. "Just tell me what's wrong and we'll fix it."

Clark couldn't keep his voice steady. "You said no." Then he waited for the mocking, the dismissal, the pretense, the beginning of the end.

To his credit Lex didn't pretend not to know what Clark was talking about. The lack of mocking and dismissal was a good thing too, but Lex also went still. Lionel still, waiting for an attack still and that was not a good thing at all.

"And what do you think that means Clark?" Lex sat up suddenly and Clark scrambled after him frightened; Lex was running away.

"Don't go Lex, please." Clark tried not to sound as pathetic as he felt and failed miserably.

This broke Lex's shell and he pushed Clark back onto the couch, settling on his lap.

"I'm not going anywhere Clark. I love you. Now tell me, what do you think me saying no means."

"That you don't love me, don't trust me, don't want me." With every word Clark's arms tightened around Lex. "That we can't make this work and one day you'll understand how different I am and leave me."

Lex stayed relaxed in Clark's tightening embrace. "That's a lot to take away from a single adverb Clark. Have you been obsessing about this all day?"

"Yes, It's a simple thing Lex. An ordinary couples thing, there must be a reason you won't Lex. . ."

Lex sighed and eased into Clark, his smooth head resting on Clark's shoulder as he snuffled at Clark's neck.

"And you say I think too much. Clark it has nothing to do with you. It's me." Lex began to plant sweet little kisses along Clark's jaw.

"I don't like. It makes me feel like a freak. I know submit to it, often. But it's business Clark, part of the job I force myself to do. I'm sorry I upset you, but it never occurred to me you would react like this."

Clark could feel Lex's smile against the corner of his mouth, like paradise after Gethsemane.

"I know you can leap tall buildings in a single bound, but it didn't know you leapt to conclusions the same way."

Clark couldn't say he was sorry, because Lex's tongue was too far down his throat.

Six months later after Lex had returned from a week in China and they'd broken the bed. Lex pulled away from Clark slightly and smiled.

"I have a surprise for you."

And surprised Clark was. Lex had taught himself how. They did it for an hour, playing like children. Then Clark blew Lex as he developed the fruits of their labour.

Of the hundred or so they had at the end of it all they picked the best one and destroyed the rest. The photograph hung where they could both see it from the bed everywhere they slept together. Sometimes, when Lex had to travel, Clark would hide it in his luggage, so he'd have company and a reminder.

finis coronat opus

26th May 2003

11:43am: Death Resolves Everything - Finished
Death Resolves Everything

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